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Why Copper Dryer Vents?

Most dryer vents are either made of plastic or aluminum. Copper is superior to both of these materials because it doesn't rust, crack, or wear as fast as aluminum, plastic, and other metals. Copper can also add value in appearance to your home (or building). Copper is also unique in that it beautifies with age becoming at first a dull red and then finally a nice green patina over time.

Dryer vents come in an assortment of mounting styles. Depending on the construction of your home (or building) you will either need a wall mount copper dryer vent or a roof top mount copper dryer vent. For wall mount dryer vents their are also two styles. You can either get a surface mount dryer vent (pictured to the left) which can be used for brick, stone, and any application where the siding is already on the building. The other mount is called a Stucco J-Mold mount which can be used for stucco applications or when the siding is not already on your home (or building).

Dryer style vents can also be used for a wide variety of venting applications. You can use a dryer style vent for bathroom fans, stove exhaust, kitchen fans, fireplace ventilation, and more. Dryer Vents can usually be orderd with a one way flapper or damper, or a screen. However you should never use a sceened dryer vent when venting a dryer. The screen catches the lint from the dryer and creates a fire hazard.

Stainless Steel and Hammered Copper are become more and more popular in modern construction. These two unique looks are available from our sponsored store!

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